Shiba Kami the Lord of all Inu's.

We are creating an army to follow our Lord. The whole Inu community will become ours. Shiba Kami came to take back what Shiba Inu stole from him. The GOLDEN mirror of Sani is a valuable piece of his ancestors. The army we are creating will help us to achieve this goal.

You need to pay your taxes: 4% for Marketing & 4% for the Liquidity Pool. We are on a mission to take back what was ours.

Creating a valuable community takes time. But not for us! We will be moving differently because It's in our blood. For over 400 years we were stepped on by the Shiba Inu family. But now we will put an end to all of this.


Why Shiba Kami?

-Strong community
-Contract Audited
-Active Developers
-Liquidity Locked

What do you want more? Just join already.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can buy Shiba Kami on Uniswap or just click here!

You can find our community on twitter #SHIBAKAMI or join our community telegram!

Don't question your Lord.

If you don't believe in our Lord, watch the believers enjoy their fruits.